Below is a list of previous and current contracts with general information about our experience. There is also a list of specific technologies Xelltech used and was tasked.

American Public University Systems (Systems Alliance)
  • End-to-end Development: .NET, ColdFusion, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Windows Server Environment: IIS, MSSQL, F5 Load Balancers
Inside Lacrosse Magazine (ESPN Affiliate)
  • Linux Administration: nginx, memcached, svn, git, Cluster Performance
  • PHP Development: Zend, Doctrine, ORM, MySQL
T. Rowe Price
  • Mobile: iPad/iPhone, Android
  • WordPress CMS (LAMP / PHP): Module Development; Mobile Development
  • Alfresco (JAVA, JSP / REST / JS): AMP development, deployment, JAVA Backed Web Script Development; Automated document transform: Office Products to PDF, PDF to JPG/GIF/PNG, PDF to SWF
IBM and Department of Homeland Security
  • Wireframe development and interface design in SCRUM/Agile environment.
  • Created thick-client AJAX based intranet portal in JavaScript. Integrated and coupled jQuery and ExtJS JavaScript Frameworks with full management of DOM elements, AJAX to XML / JSON requests to on-the-fly construct DOM ExtJS and jQuery widgets with information and management.
  • Website design.
BigLink with Applied Programming Corporation
  • Architecturally designed and developed sponsored website services.
  • Designed websites utilizing high level data object inheritance and security modules for interactions with multiple role levels.
  • Grant proposal development, functional design, component break down, use-cases, and data flow diagramming.
Market Internal
  • Worked with professional trader website.
  • Integrated with CakePHP, HTML, JavaScript (Prototype,, AJAX
  • RSS modules and feeds built into directly into the home page and system
  • Custom build IRC backend that ties directly to the CakePHP framework.
  • Coupled user sign on via IRC connection and CakePHP framework.
CME Peer Review, LLC
  • Management and Development of Joomla modules.
  • Conversion of existing Joomla CMS to pure MVC Framework in PHP.
  • Ground up development of CakePHP interaction website, utilizing Prototype,, with the addition of AJAX development on MySQL backed database.
  • Specialization of services in development, graphic design, flash animation development, and data entry.
  • Worked on information technology management, email management, and shared public file system.
  • Cluster server development and setup.
The Fibred Group
  • Integrated template systems with custom website design.
  • Used custom module to integrate directly into template system using ExpressionEngine syntax and PHP.
  • Document sharing and management.
Creative Hunger Communications
  • Worked on several individual contracts such as Google Maps mash up with heat wave integration and image generation.
  • Oversaw maintenance of several websites including company website, custom framework development, HTML, JavaScript (Prototype,, AJAX.
  • Customized eCommerce sites based on CakePHP, Joomla setups, Enterprise PERL sifting using pattern recognition, XML data manipulation and searching.
  • Worked from the ground up to build Android based mobile device with host service.
  • Used a communication protocol using XMPP, and custom WebKit builds that include hooks to the core Linux based system.
  • Tasks included the development of a custom JavaScript framework and GUI.
Weichert Realtors and HGTV
  • Managed an array of websites using multiple PHP framework's including custom built, Joomla, and Wordpress.
  • Management of content and information.
  • Form submission management, customer entry systems.
Icarus Flares
  • Development custom JavaScript Framework to emulate similar visual effects such that, jQuery, and MooTools can perform.
  • Custom slide shows, using custom transitions such as fade's, directional entry and exits using custom rule base.
  • Custom back-end management system to control slide show with user access rights.
  • Used Joomla integrations with design and content management.
  • Series of ground up, website designs, for the medical community in Allegany County.
  • Content management.
  • Wireless high speed connection's.
Innovative Dance Studio
  • Dance studio based out of Oregon.
  • Content management on a PHP backend.
  • File management and access to downloadable forms for members of the studio.
  • Photo sharing
Apollo Logistics Solutions
  • Updating and management of website content.
  • Management of email servers and experimental technologies.
Crestmont Gentlemen's Apparel
  • Custom built eCommerce website application, using Drupal.
Make the Movie
  • Used video sharing website to allow clients to submit audition tapes online so users were then able to rank clients on the website.
  • Purpose of the site to share videos and rate auditions on-line in order to hire actors and actresses.
  • Design and development of two websites in Joomla.
  • Joomla content management with user access.
  • Drupal installation and content management.