One Web

The purpose of One Web is a general blog / SEM website that addresses all technical aspects of creating public facing website applications.

Automatic Security Test

The name says it all. This tool will perform light external penetration tests for free to anyone. There will be additional capabilities such as extended testing and scheduled testing with email reports for regular vulnerability verification to meet your business or government security needs.

SSL Redirects

When you market, you buy domain names. Today, SSL is becoming required, so how do you manage all of your redirects and all of those SSL Certificates? You no longer have to. SSL Redirects provides free SSL Certificates that auto-renew on top of a redirect management toolkit to keep all of your redirects in order.


There are several Mass Email Marketing Utilities, but nearly every single one of them requires technical experience and some way in which to analyze complex analytics. will not only send out your mass email marketing campaigns with an easy to use interface, but will present data in a clean and readable format to hit marketing goals and to report to organizations without an expert.

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Automated Load Testing

This is an automated tool that you can subscribe to and test how many users your website can support. This is performed in a slow and scaled schedule to be cognizant of maintaining up-time. Alternatively, dev sites can simply be load tested. This service is required to be paid for!

Developer Hunt

Many organizations struggle with finding the right IT individuals for a project. is not a listing utility, it’s a vetted resource of pre-interviewed candidates to get your project done with the right people, without the hassle of understanding the specific IT needs. All of the work is done for you, including interviewing the organization seeking a developer.

Upgrade My CMS

How often do organizations run into situations where CMS upgrades fail or major CMS upgrades are extremely cumbersome that they cannot be handled internally? We are professionals at upgrading CMS systems. In addition, our team has the ability to analyze custom code that could have unknowingly take your CMS on a route it should have never been.

Accessibility Verification Utility

How do you know that your site can pass 508 Compliance and / or WCAG website recommendations? This tool does the work for you and will provide places that need improvement.

Break IT Secure IT

This is a fully paid for service that will integrate External Penetration testing to a large scale, Internal Code Review on a Source Code Repository, Network Investigation Utilities for Linux and Windows Systems, in addition to Load Testing, and individual security experts to see where your enterprise risks exist.


Are you worried that your emails are not being delivered? Maybe your company emails are being blocked by SPAM? Use this free service to detect email issues that your organization as a whole may be dealing with.